Dr. Liao Will Be Taking Your Questions on Doc Talk Live this Wednesday, July 31

Tune in this Wednesday @ 5:30 on 100.7 to listen in on some great conversation with Dr. Valerie Liao, Board-certified Obesity Medicine Physician and Dr. Chris Bell, Board-certified Surgeon. Dr. Liao is the medical director of non-surgical weight loss at Medical City Dallas, and Dr. Bell is the director of weight loss surgery at Medical City Dallas.

Do you have burning questions about how to get to and maintain a healthy weight? Our doctors will field your questions LIVE!

CALL US this Wednesday between 5:30 pm and 6 pm!


Here are some great questions to get you started!

How can I lose weight without slowing my metabolism?

Is it better to eat multiple small meals every day or fast for some portion of the day?

Is it better to eat low carb or low fat?

Should I count Carbs? Calories? Do I absolutely need to count?

What is ketosis, and do I need to be in it to lose weight?

What are cognitive-behavioral strategies for weight loss?

Do I need to exercise to lose weight?

What are the different types of weight loss surgery?

How long is the recovery after weight loss surgery?

What do I need to do to prepare for weight loss surgery?

What does mealtime feel like after surgery?

How do I maintain my weight loss after surgery?

Can I combine surgical and medical weight loss strategies?

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